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Truck campers have grown up. If your impression of pickup campers dates to the 1970s and involves memories of cramped, spartan living conditions, you need to take a fresh look at today's models. These units can be classified as true recreational vehicles because they offer so many of the amenities found in motorhomes and travel trailers. Plus, they're a very cost-effective way for families to hit the road on camping excursions.

Let's start with the basics. A pickup truck camper is a self-contained RV that slides into the bed of a standard truck. Truck campers are manufactured to fit virtually all models of pickups, from short- and long-beds to some 'mini-trucks.. Because the camper attaches to the pickup truck, you can tow a separate trailer containing all of your toys: bikes, motorcycles, jetskis, ATVs, and so on. Since most states do not allow towing two separate units (such as a travel trailer and toy trailer hitched together), the pickup truck camper is an ideal choice for those who like to take all their toys with them.

Once at the campsite, the truck camper can be used while mounted on the pickup, or it can be taken off and set up on its jacks. Today's pickup campers put technology to use, providing electronic jacks for ease of setup and stabilization. You no longer have to spend a long time on tedious hand-leveling before you can enjoy your vacation.

Pickup campers range in length from about 8 to 12 feet, but manufacturers have devised new ways to expand the interior living space so that some models can accommodate up to seven people in three separate sleeping areas. In order to do this, manufacturers now offer truck campers with side entry doors, which allows for the addition of a pop-out sleeping tent at the rear. They also offer 'slideouts,. in which a portion of the wall pushes outward as much as three feet, increasing floor space.

A major improvement in truck campers is the wide variety of options now available. Gone are the days when pickup campers were paneled in dark wood and equipped with rustic furnishings. Today, you can choose from interior dér palettes with names such as 'waterfall. and 'mineral wash.. You also can add amenities such as a solar panel, backup camera, entertainment system, satellite dish, awning, air conditioner and portable barbecue grill. At the same time, you can count on retaining standard features, such as a queen bed in the cabover section, full bathroom with shower, galley with stove and refrigerator, and dinette that converts to an additional bed.

Because new and used pickup truck campers range in price from about $3,000 to $35,000, they offer an affordable way to enter the RV lifestyle. Look for units made by industry leaders such as Lance, Bigfoot and Palomino to assure you're getting a high-quality camper.

If you'd like to discover more about today's versatile pickup campers, use the search tool located on our main page. It will direct you to reputable dealers in your area who offer new and used pickup truck campers for sale.