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If you've considered buying a new or used RV but find the expense and size of a full-sized motorhome daunting, you should consider a Class C RV. These mid-sized units combine all the amenities of a large RV with much easier handling. With a Class C RV, you'll be able to back up and turn corners easily, yet you'll enjoy a spacious interior with plenty of room for all of your gear.

While a full-sized motorhome can run up to 40 feet in length, its Class C cousin tops out at 28 feet long - not much longer than an extended-cab pickup truck. The Class C RV also eschews the traditional motorhome's bus-like shape, instead resembling a van cab with a large camper attached. (In fact, the Class C motorhome is exactly that: a camper constructed on a manufactured van frame.) And while a $60,000 full-sized motorhome might be considered modest, that same amount will buy a very nicely equipped Class C RV. Yet even though you'll pay less for a Class C, you'll sacrifice nothing in the way of comfort.

Most Class C RVs feature a living room behind the driver's cab, a dining area, kitchen, full bathroom facilities and a master bedroom at the rear. Designed to sleep six people comfortably, Class C motorhomes include a sleeping area above the cab compartment, along with a sleeper-style sofa or a dinette that converts to a bed. When it comes to buying a new Class C RV, you have a wide variety of choices for customizing the interior, including upholstery fabrics, color schemes and cabinetry.

A recent innovation in Class C motorhomes is the integration of 'slides' or 'slideouts.' Long an option for full-sized motorhomes, slides offer you extra square footage at the touch of a button. A slide is a motorized section of wall that slides outward as much as three feet, extending your living area. Class C RV makers offer units with slides in the bedroom, living room and kitchen areas. If you plan to use your motorhome for frequent base camping, slides offer an excellent way to make sure everyone in the family has enough room to spread out when inclement weather keeps everyone inside.

Class C RVs typically come equipped with a standard gasoline engine, which makes fueling easy. And if you experience mechanical problems, you won't have to seek out a specialist mechanic to work on your RV. The same goes for tires. Since a Class C motorhome uses standard size tires, a flat simply means a quick trip to the local tire store for replacement. In contrast, full-sized motorhomes require special, oversized tires often only available from RV dealers.

A Class C RV makes an ideal choice for family camping enthusiasts. When you shop for new or used RVs, look for models by quality manufacturers like Fleetwood, Gulf Stream, Winnebago, Chinook, Four Winds, Coachmen and Jayco. To get started, just use our handy search tool (on the homepage) to find new and used RVs for sale in your area.