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If you'd like to enjoy the comfort of a new Newmar fifth wheel trailer or motorhome but can't afford the sticker price, maybe you should think about buying used. Buying a pre-owned RV can enable you to afford many of the upgrades that might put a new Newmar out of your reach. Yet because Newmar makes high-quality travel trailers and motorhomes, you can be sure your used Newmar will give you years of enjoyment. Our guide to buying a used RV will demystify the process of buying pre-owned.

When buying a used Newmar, remember that your local dealer is your best friend. Not only does your local dealer offer used RVs at reasonable prices, but the experts at the dealership have gone over every RV with a finetooth comb, which gives you a hedge against hidden defects. Plus, a dealership will be there to service your RV after the sale. Use the search feature on our main page to locate the used Newmar RV dealer nearest you or to request information. Used Newmar prices vary based on model, mileage and condition. It's often possible to find bargain-priced used RVs that were purchased new by retirees who subsequently decided the RV lifestyle wasn't for them.

There are many good reasons to buy a pre-owned Newmar RV, especially if it's your first RV purchase. Many first-time buyers want to buy a new RV because they erroneously assume they will be able to drive their brand-new vehicle off the dealer's lot and take it on a cross-country trip. Not so. Because every RV is handcrafted, it's very common for new units to spend time in and out of the dealership during the first year for repairs. When you buy a used RV, these minor problems have all been resolved.

Buying a used RV is much too complicated to thoroughly cover in a brief buying guide like this. Rely on your local RV dealer to perform the critical system tests, while you concentrate on the easy-to-see items. Your RV dealer will test and inspect all of these components on every used RV they offer:

1. Engine and drive train
2. Brakes, axles and stabilizing jacks
3. Water lines, tanks and valves
4. Propane system
5. Electrical components, such as inverter and battery charger
6. Heating and/or air conditioning ducting
7. Furnace and air conditioner
8. Frame and subfloor
9. Hitch welds and wiring

This list represents the bare minimum that must be inspected to ensure the safety of a used RV. In reality, most RV dealers inspect far more items than this. Be prepared for your sales person to offer you a list of literally dozens of details the dealer has inspected, tested or repaired on the used RV you're considering.

So what should you inspect yourself? Start with the interior. Look for excessive caulking around windows, which may indicate water leakage. Look closely at the upholstery, flooring and window coverings. Are they all free from rips, tears or repairs? If the RV contains mechanical devices, such as a sofa bed, make sure they all function smoothly. Open and close the cabinet doors. Check out the appliances to make sure they're in good working order.

If you're considering buying a used Newmar fifth wheel, the hitch and tow vehicle are major considerations. If you already own a tow vehicle, be aware you will have to purchase a receiver specific to the make of your truck. These are not interchangeable from make to make. In other words, a Dodge receiver cannot be transferred to a Ford. Also, consider what type of receiver you want. Styles include permanent-mount and quick-release. Your RV dealer can help you determine which type of hitch is right for your needs.

After you've thoroughly inspected the Newmar, take it for a test drive. You can point out any mechanical issues to your sales person, who can get them resolved. Lastly, don't forget to request an overnight stay in your used Newmar fifth wheel or motor home before making your purchase decision. This will give you an opportunity to test out all the systems and get a feel for how livable the RV really is.

Buying a used Newmar can be a rewarding experience. If you're ready to buy a used Newmar "Kountry Aire" fifth wheel trailer or motor home, click on "Newmar RVs" right now, and we'll direct a quote request or a request for information to a Newmar dealer near you.