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Jayco is an excellent choice for consumers as interested in a company's ethics as its products. Jayco gets high marks for environmentalism, which makes sense for a company that manufactures camping vehicles. But don't think their high ethical standards mean they don't produce a superior product. In fact, Jayco's pop-up campers, travel trailers and motorhomes stand out for their quality. Here's how to choose a new Jayco RV.

Perhaps the most important aspect of buying a new Jayco RV is working with a reputable dealer. Every major city has at least one RV dealer that offers new Jayco travel trailers for sale at prices to suit every budget. You can use the search feature on our main page to locate the Jayco dealer nearest you or to request information. The dealer's knowledgeable sales staff can answer all the questions you have about buying a new Jayco RV. In fact, you can rely on the highly trained staff at your RV dealership to help you with all aspects of buying a new Jayco camper, trailer or motorhome.

Before you start shopping for a new Jayco RV, you need to determine what type of RV is right for you. Recreational vehicles basically fall into two categories: self-propelled and towable. Jayco makes both kinds, and they are especially renowned for their tent trailers. You can get information on all RV types simply by visiting RV dealers and looking at a lot of units. You can also log on to industry websites, such as, or follow these links in order to help decide which type of RV is right for you.

Visiting RV dealerships will not only help you get a good understanding of what's involved with owning a motorhome or travel trailer, but you'll also get a good idea of prices. Budget is a major consideration when it comes to buying a new RV. Experts recommend that you consider how often you'll be using your new RV when you create your budget. As a rule of thumb, the more often you'll use it, the more you should consider spending. It doesn't make sense to spend top dollar on an RV if you're only planning to use it once or twice a year. Jayco offers models at various price points, so you're sure to find a new Jayco pop-up camper, travel trailer or motorhome at a price you can afford.

When shopping, ask your sales person about the "total cost of ownership" for specific units. This figure will include items like sales tax, registration, rough insurance costs, expected routine maintenance costs, and so on. Also, don't forget to factor in the cost of storage if you're unable to store your new motorhome or travel trailer at home. If you're going to need to purchase a new tow vehicle, don't forget to include that cost in the total price of a travel trailer.

Once you've narrowed your choice to a handful of models, start comparing the quality of components. If you're considering a new Jayco folding camping trailer, for example, compare its lift mechanism with those of competing models. Does it function smoothly? Is it prone to rust? How do the interior appointments compare? Note the quality of flooring, cabinets and bathroom fixtures, as these items will be well-used.

Next, consider livability. Does the trailer or motorhome offer a convenient floor plan? Are the beds comfortable? Can you close the bathroom door when you're inside? Jayco has built its reputation on livability, so you should find a new Jayco RV that meets your personal livability test.

Finally, you should always spend the night in your chosen RV before buying it. This is standard practice in the RV industry, so don't be shy about asking your dealer about doing so. After all, buying a new motorhome or travel trailer is a major investment, and you'll be spending a lot of time living in your new RV. Taking it for a "test sleep" before buying is good insurance.

Buying a new RV can be a wonderful experience. Just remember to work with a reputable dealer in your local area, do your own research on RV types, and perform a rigorous livability analysis on your top three models. If you do, you're certain to discover a new Jayco that will meet your RVing needs for years to come. Click on "Jayco RVs" right now, and we'll direct a quote request or a request for information to a Jayco dealer near you.