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Whether you bought your Georgie Boy new or used, you'll want to protect your investment by maintaining it well. When you perform regular maintenance tasks on your RV, you not only keep it clean and comfortable, but you keep it in good, safe working order. In addition, performing certain tasks on a timely basis is crucial to maintaining your warranty. Here are some tips to help you create a maintenance plan for your new Georgie Boy motorhome.

To start with, remember, your Georgie Boy RV dealer can provide a wealth of information when it comes to maintaining your Georgie Boy motorhome. If you prefer to do very little of your own RV maintenance, you can rely on your dealership to do most things for you. On the other hand, if you're a real do-it-yourselfer, you can ask the techs at your dealership how to perform common RV maintenance tasks like winterizing, battery maintenance and more.

Georgie Boy maintenance falls into two basic categories: routine and preventive. Let's look at some of the tasks you'll need to perform in each category.

Routine RV maintenance includes tasks required by warranty to be performed at scheduled intervals. These items commonly include things like changing the oil and servicing the transmission. The most important routine maintenance task you can perform yourself is checking your owner's manual and warranty. These documents will spell out exactly which tasks must be performed, when, and by whom. Many routine maintenance items must be performed by your Georgie Boy service center in order to keep your warranty intact. To be safe, consult your Georgie Boy dealer regarding routine maintenance of your RV.

Preventive maintenance is designed to identify and address potential problems before they arise. Let's look at some typical preventive maintenance tasks for motorhomes:

. Grease wheel bearings
. Check brakes
. Check taillights/brake lights/backup lights
. Replace air conditioner filters
. Test refrigerator in both A/C and propane modes
. Check water level of batteries
. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
. Inspect condition of awning fabric
. Check generator engine and filters

This list is by no means exhaustive. Consult with your Georgie Boy dealer for a complete checklist of preventive maintenance items for your unit.

One special area of concern to motorhome and travel trailer owners involves how to winterize their RV for storage. Winterizing an RV requires performing an extensive set of tasks. If you don't feel capable of doing these things, or if you simply prefer to have someone else do them, remember that your Georgie Boy RV dealer will be happy to do many of these chores for you.

Think of winterizing in terms of systems. You'll want to winterize your RV's water system, chassis and coach. According to experts, preparing your RV's water system for winter storage is a rather lengthy process composed of about 20 steps. If you're not handy with tools or don't have the time to perform this step correctly, leave it up to your Georgie Boy dealer. The last thing you want is to ruin your water system by allowing it to freeze, especially when this step can be done in advance of actually parking the RV for the winter.

Some tasks, however, have to be accomplished at the storage site. Within the coach, leave all drawers, doors and cabinets open to air. Remove all perishable food items to avoid attracting bugs and rodents. Defrost the freezer and wipe out the refrigerator. Clean the oven.

To winterize the chassis, remove the house batteries (the deep cycle, lead-acid batteries, not the engine battery), top off their fluid, charge them and store them in a cool place. Change the engine and generator oil and filter. Ensure that the antifreeze concentration is adequate. If possible, plan to start and run your motorhome for 30 minutes once a month while it's in storage. Don't forget to chock the wheels.

Maintaining your Georgie Boy motorhome will ensure that it brings you and your family years of enjoyment. And, you can rely on your Georgie Boy dealer to perform any maintenance you don't want to do yourself. To find an authorized Georgie Boy dealer for maintenance or service, just click .Georgie Boy RVs. now, and we'll forward your request for information.

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