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Welcome to the world of luxury coaches. Country Coach makes one of the premier motorhomes offered today. And while you may view the RV lifestyle as simply taking off and going, the truth is you'll need to perform a number of maintenance tasks to keep your Country Coach looking and running like new. Sound onerous? It's not. Here are some tips.

First, remember your Country Coach dealer will be happy to perform any maintenance tasks you don't feel like undertaking. After all, no one expects you to be a diesel mechanic. Still, you'll probably find it more convenient to do certain things yourself. Country Coach maintenance falls into two basic categories: preventive and routine. Let's look at some of the tasks you'll need to perform in each category.

Preventive maintenance is not mandated by warranty. Rather, it is designed to identify and address potential problems before they arise. Let's look at some common preventive maintenance tasks for motorhomes:

. Check for engine fluid leaks
. Test windshield wipers, inspect blades
. Check brakes
. Check taillights/brake lights/backup lights
. Replace air conditioner filters
. Check water level of batteries
. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
. Inspect condition of awning fabric

This list is by no means exhaustive. Consult with your Country Coach dealer for a complete checklist of preventive maintenance items for your unit.

Routine RV maintenance, on the other hand, includes tasks required by warranty to be done at scheduled intervals. Here are some examples of routine maintenance performed on highline motor coaches:

. Change oil
. Lubricate chassis
. Service transmission

You should not attempt to perform these tasks yourself, as doing so may void your warranty. In fact, the most important routine maintenance task you can perform is checking your owner's manual and warranty. These documents will spell out exactly which tasks must be performed, when, and by whom. While your motorcoach is under warranty, you'll want your authorized Country Coach service center to perform all routine maintenance. If you purchased a used motorcoach, you still will want your Country Coach dealership to provide routine maintenance, such as oil changes and transmission service. Staying on top of routine maintenance needs is an excellent way to avoid having to call for emergency road service.

One special area of concern to motorhome owners involves how to winterize their RV for storage. Winterizing an RV requires performing an extensive set of tasks. If you don't feel capable of doing these things, or if you simply prefer to have someone else do them, remember that your Country Coach RV dealer will be happy to do many of these chores for you.

To winterize the chassis, start by having your dealer change the engine and generator oil and filter. Ensure that the antifreeze concentration is adequate. Remove the lead-acid house batteries (not the engine battery), top up their fluid with distilled water, charge them, and store them in a cool place. Remember that these batteries will constantly discharge while in storage, so check their fluid and charge levels every month to ensure they don't overly discharge or, worse, freeze.

Prior to actually placing your motorcoach in storage, you'll want to winterize the water systems, including fresh, gray and black water tanks and lines. According to experts, preparing your RV's water systems for winter storage is a rather lengthy process composed of about 20 steps. If you're not handy with tools or don't have the time to perform this step correctly, leave it up to your Country Coach dealer. The last thing you want is to ruin your water systems by allowing them to freeze, especially when this step can be done in advance of actually parking the RV for the winter.

Some tasks, however, have to be accomplished at the storage site. Within the coach, leave all drawers, doors and cabinets open to air. Remove all perishable food items to avoid attracting bugs and rodents. Defrost the freezer and wipe out the refrigerator. Clean the oven.

Maintaining your Country Coach motorhome will bring you and your family years of enjoyment. And, you can rely on your Country Coach dealer to provide top-notch service and maintenance for as long as you own your motorcoach. To find an authorized Country Coach dealer for maintenance or service, just click .Country Coach RVs. now, and we'll forward your request for information.
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