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Casita Enterprises of Rice, Texas, (near Dallas) is the leader in value-priced, lightweight travel trailers. Casita's distinctively pod-shaped campers with rounded corners have been favorites of the camping public since 1983. Today, Casita not only enjoys domestic popularity, but the company has developed a serious fan base in Japan.

Casita pioneered fiberglass fabrication in RVs, and its trailers continue to be made of a two-piece shell joined at the middle by a metal band. A fiberglass camper offers many benefits to owners, such as easy maintenance, fuel economy and rust resistance. Because fiberglass is so lightweight, Casita campers can be towed with small vehicles, and wear-and-tear on the tow vehicle is minimized.

Casita offers travel trailers in three lengths (13, 16 and 17 feet) that start at less than $10,000. But while these campers may be compact and offer limited floor plan choices, they're built with quality components and loaded with standard features.

Casita employs one of the most unique RV sales methods ever conceived. It sells directly to the public, so you won't find its trailers at a dealership. Instead, you contact the company and it puts you in touch with a Casita owner in your area who is willing to give you a tour of his camper. No high-pressure sales, just one satisfied customer talking to a potential owner. Of course, you also are welcome to visit Casita's Texas showroom to view its campers. Ultimately, you simply order your camper directly from the company.

It's a refreshingly low-tech approach from a company noted for its space-age design.