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All motorhome manufacturers strive to give their RVs a "residential" feel, but perhaps no other company makes homier motor homes and fifth wheels than Alfa Leisure. This company may not be a household name, but its travel trailers and motorhomes are possibly the most "house like" on the road.

Alfa Leisure has a great pedigree. Alfa (an acronym for "A Loving Family Affair") was founded in 1973 by Johnnie Crean, whose father, John, founded Fleetwood - one of the largest RV manufacturers in the country. Since its inception, Alfa Leisure has focused on building travel trailers and motorhomes that look and feel like bricks-and-mortar residences.

To accomplish this goal, an Alfa Leisure motor home or travel trailer incorporates residential-style ceilings of 7'6" high in living areas, attic storage compartments, and residential-style basement air conditioning and heating with floor ducting. Other homey touches include a 12 cubic foot refrigerator-freezer, leather recliners and integrated coffee table. Even the shower head is residential quality.

Alfa makes both motor homes and trailers. Its conventional travel trailers and 5th wheels incorporate all of the same homey features as its motor homes. And all of Alfa's products offer you a choice of floor plans and interior decor options. Lastly, a key feature of Alfa RVs is storage space. For example, the Alfa "See Ya! Gold" 5th wheel offers 145 cubic feet of basement storage.

All Alfa Leisure gas and diesel pusher , fifth wheels and travel trailers are called "See Ya!" The "See Ya!" is the entry-level model, followed by the "See Ya! Gold" and "See Ya! Founder" models.
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