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Published: Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Recreational Vehicle (RV) is one of the most expensive and most luxurious items that you can own. From providing you the best comforts while traveling to making your weekend trips and family outings fun and enjoyable, a good quality recreational vehicle can give whole new meanings to your vacations. A real-life version of our childhood fantasies of mobile-homes, recreational vehicles are fast becoming everyone's favorites and one of the most popular modes of holiday travel. In order to cater to the different requirements of different individuals and provide everyone the most convenient modes of holiday travel, most manufacturers of recreational vehicles today design RVs in a variety of styles, structures and equipped with a wide range of luxury features. Depending on your budget, family size and personal preferences, you can today choose from fifth wheels, travel trailers or Class A, Class B and Class C Motorhomes. Truck campers, tent trailers, park models and diesel pushers are some other popular recreational vehicles highly opted for by people of all age groups. Depending on the brand you are opting for, the size of the vehicle and the luxury facilities you want to avail, recreational vehicles can cost you anything from $10,000 to $250,000 or more. Most recreational vehicles today are provided with comfortable living, dining and sleeping areas, kitchens, luxury baths and a whole range of luxury facilities from air conditioning and heating facilities to refrigerators, satellite television, Internet connection and entertainment facilities. However, no matter which brand of recreational vehicle you own or how expensive the model you have selected is, with time and use, just like all other vehicles, recreational vehicles too wear out and degenerate. In order to keep your recreational vehicle in the best of condition and make it serve flawlessly for maximum time period, regular care and maintenance of the vehicle plays a significant role.

Recreational vehicles are some of the best ways of traveling to your favorite holiday spots during weekends and vacations. However, as in many families, these vacation trips and leisurely outings take place only a few times a year, the recreational vehicle is kept stored and standing in the garage or yard for the rest of the time. Both overuse and continuous disuse can cause certain wear and tear in RVs. For this reason, before you take out your recreational vehicle on your next trip, it is best to check that all parts of the vehicle are in proper working condition. While some small damages and minor problems can be repaired right at home, for others, you should take the vehicle to professional servicing center as soon as possible. Recreational vehicle repair can be broadly classified into the two categories of preventive maintenance and crisis repair. While preventive repairs can be of numerous types, each structured to keep all parts of your recreational vehicle in the best working conditions, crisis repair focuses on solving the problem immediately on hand.

From maintaining the exterior appearance of the recreational vehicle to ensuring that the electrical connections, water systems, RV running gear, RV appliances and the overall RV structure are all working properly, maintenance of recreational vehicles involve a series of processes. Preventive maintenance, forming a basic part of RV Servicing, involves thorough checking of roof, door and window sealings, changing generator and engine oils, maintaining fluid levels, cleaning roof air conditioner filters, cleaning storage tanks, sanitizing water systems and conducting battery maintenance. At the same time, preventive maintenance services also involve inspection of tires and inflation pressure and check that all appliances like refrigerators, microwaves and televisions included in your recreational vehicle are working properly. When conducted at regular intervals, these checkups can detect any defect your vehicle night be suffering from at an early stage, provide an immediate solution and thereby, prevent the damage from worsening further. However, unless you have the proper technical knowledge and are experienced in handing recreational vehicle problems, it is wiser to take your recreational vehicle to professional servicemen whenever you face a problem. Most recreational vehicle sold today, come with specific warranty facilities. In case of detecting any vehicle problem during this warranty period, you can take it for professional servicing at the respective authorized servicing center. Make sure to go through the warranty terms and conditions carefully before attempting to repair the problem yourself, as any unauthorized handling of the recreational vehicle may nullify or lessen the manufacturer's responsibility.

Just like initial buying of a recreational vehicle, the upkeep, maintenance and servicing of recreational vehicles also is an expensive affair. For this reason, it is better to get as much servicing work done within the initial warranty period covered by the manufacturer as possible. At the time of purchasing a recreational vehicle, you should always ensure that all parts of the entity are working properly and giving their best output. Afterwards, with use, whenever you find any defect in the vehicle or any problem that needs to be addressed, it is a good idea to keep a written note of these findings. While going for servicing of your recreational vehicle, you can then simply prepare a list of problems that needs professional attention and hand over the list at the servicing center. No matter whether you are taking your vehicle to an independent service center or one forming part of an enterprise or factory, as most servicing centers run a filed up schedule, it is best to make your booking in advance. While reporting the problems at the servicing center, it is better if you can find out why a particular problem is arising in your recreational vehicle and how it will be remedied subsequently. Make sure you understand clearly the extent up to which the warranty you are entitled to will pay for servicing of your recreational vehicle. As further problems are often noted in the course of repairing a vehicle, it is good idea to overestimate the budget up to a certain extent. Once you have sent your recreational vehicle for servicing, it is better to keep a regular track of the repair work being done and the amount of time it will approximately take to complete the entire servicing process.

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