The questions you should ask when buying an RV

Published: Thursday, July 26, 2007

In modern hectic lifestyle, quality time spent with family and loved ones comes at a premium. While holidays and long vacations are rare, a large percentage of families, today, prefer to spend theirs traveling to favorite holiday spots and exotic destinations. However, during prime holiday seasons, as the rush of tourists is maximum at most airports and public transport portals, owning a private recreational vehicle can save you a lot of time, money and hassles. Pleasure, comfort and convenience—the right recreational vehicle provides you it all. A recreational vehicle is the best form of home on wheels and in it, you get to enjoy all the cozy comforts of home even while traveling miles away. In contrast to the past, when the expensive design and luxurious facilities of a recreational vehicle was considered the exclusive privilege of the upper classes of society, with progress in economic conditions, over the years, the price of recreational vehicles have come within the affordable range of even commoners. Today, the recreational vehicle market offers you a wide range of RVs coming in a variety of prices and provided with different levels of luxury amenities. Depending on the size of your family, the type of travel plans you usually have and most importantly, your budget, you can easily select a recreational vehicle meeting your requirements best. Travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, truck campers, park models and Class A, B and C Motorhomes are some of the chief types of recreational vehicles available in the RV market today.

No matter which type of recreational vehicle you select, an RV is an expensive investment. Moreover, during your holiday excursions as you are most likely to spend a substantial amount of time in your RV with your family and loved ones, it is of primary importance to ensure that the vehicle you select is in perfect working condition and provided with adequate safety measures. Whether you are opting for a brand new or old recreational vehicle, it is of primary importance to conduct a thorough check of the vehicle you are selecting at the very time of purchase.

Before setting out on purchasing a recreational vehicle, it is highly useful to decide on a budget and figure out how much you can comfortably afford without going over-budget. While making this decision, also take into account factors that you will not only have to spend money in the initial purchase but will also have to pay regularly for maintenance, repair and regular upkeep of the vehicle. As just in owning other forms of vehicles, in owning a RV also, it is a good idea to get a reliable insurance coverage, you will also need to take costs of insurance policies and warranties into account. The next decision to consider is whether you want to opt for a new or used RV. Whereas, a new RV gives you the freedom of selecting the accessories and special amenities of your choice, if you are new to the world of RVing and yet to get used to its fundamental concepts, opting for a slightly used recreational vehicle is often a good option. Talking to people experienced in RVing and aware of its various advantages and disadvantages will further help you in making the right decisions. If possible going through RV magazines and websites can help you gain better perspective of the world of RVing. Having a clear idea about why you want a recreational vehicle and the requirements of your kids and family members will further help you in selecting the right RV. Deciding on the basics like whether a trailer or Motorhome will suit you best and whether you are looking for a self contained unit or a basic one from beforehand is useful. In case of selecting trailers, it is also best to keep in mind the type of towing vehicle you plan to use for towing the RV. Another factor that helps in determining the right RV is the type of excursions you enjoy most and locales you enjoy traveling to maximum. Whereas, some locations can easily accommodate large Class A Motorhomes, other allow entry of only smaller sized RVs. The number of people you are most likely to travel with, both at present and in future, should also be kept in mind while making your RV selection. Since storing a recreational vehicle requires a lot of space, special constructions and in many places, special local permission, these restrictions should also be kept in mind while deciding on RV size and type.

Once you select on a particular recreational vehicle, it is most important to visually inspect the vehicle in minute details and check out its external structure and internal facilities. Along with checking the basic strength and stability of the chassis structure, it is of primary importance to ensure that all water and electric connections within the vehicle are in perfect working condition. While making the final inspection, it is better to look beyond the marketing glamour and inspect the vehicle with your partner or family members on your own. You can mentally visualize your own home products placed within the RV and find out how comfortable and suitable to your particular lifestyle the vehicle actually is. Checking that the floor plan is suiting to your comforts, the positioning of the windows is according to your convenience and that the closets and cabinets are spacious enough are some of the main features that you should always check while making your RV selection. Along with checking that the beds and couches are comfortable enough, inspecting the bathrooms and kitchens will also prove a good move. Check that the showers, water connections and bathroom doors are working properly and flawlessly. Depending on your eating habits, it is wise to check that the kitchen of your RV is well- equipped with all appliances and facilities that you may need for preparing home-made dishes. In case you are a first time RV buyer and are not familiar with the technical details of RVing, it is better to take along someone experienced and knowledgeable about the ways of RVs at the time of purchase. A thorough check at the time of buying a recreational vehicle can save you a lot of additional expense and discomfort later on.
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