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Forget watching TV. A sunny weekend is much more likely to find you outside playing than parked in front of the tube. Whether you're camping, snowmobiling, dirt biking, riding your ATV, jet-skiing or mountain biking, you believe life is better when you're an active participant. If this accurately describes you, a toy hauler is what you need.

Toy haulers (also called a 'toy trailer' or 'toy box') represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the RV industry because they meet the needs of true outdoor enthusiasts. Toy trailers look just like a regular fifth wheel or travel trailer, and their technical specs are about the same, too. They run 20-40 feet long and come equipped with either a frame hitch or a 5th wheel hitch. The cargo space usually fills the back part of the trailer, though you can also find side-cargo models. On toy boxes with the cargo space in the rear, most of the rear wall is a door configured either like a moving van (door rolls up and loading ramp pulls out) or like a simple swing-down door/ramp combination. The front part of the trailer houses the living area, including bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. You can even get toy haulers with slideouts to add extra living space.

Just like with conventional travel trailers or fifth wheels, you can choose from a wide variety of floor plans for your toy hauler. You should specifically consider whether the cargo area is large enough to hold all the toys you want to transport and whether or not the angle of the loading ramp is too steep. Also look at the surface of the ramp to make sure it's finished with non-skid material. In some cases, the cargo area can be converted to a screen porch. If this interests you, be sure to ask your dealer about new or used toy haulers with this option.

Of course, the larger the cargo area of your toy box is, the more compact your living area will be. Generally, these RVs sleep 6-10 people and contain one discrete bedroom along with sofabeds and a bunk in the cargo area. On 5th wheel models, the bedroom often is in the raised part of the trailer above the hitch. On travel trailer models, the bedroom can be situated at the rear, just in front of the cargo space. You'll also be able to choose where the bathroom goes and how large it is. If you like to prepare your own food while on the road, you can opt to enlarge the counter areas by angling them, creating a narrower hallway. There are literally dozens of ways to configure a toy hauler's living area, and you can also choose the colors and fabrics that suit your taste.

If you're interested in finding new and used toy haulers for sale, start with our search engine, located on the main page. It will show you toy boxes for sale by many fine dealers. Besides shopping with a reputable dealer, look for models made by these quality manufacturers: Weekend Warrior, Fleetwood, Holiday Rambler, THOR and Pace.