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Pop-up campers continue to be one of the most popular ways people connect with the outdoors. Seasoned campers who have grown weary of pitching a tent and sleeping on the ground find that pop-ups present the perfect combination of outdoor experience and modern convenience. Novices who want to try out the RV lifestyle before investing in a full-sized motorhome like the affordability of tent trailers. And people who lack the space to store a motorhome or fifth wheel appreciate the compact nature of the popup camper.

A pop-up (also called a tent trailer or camper trailer) consists of a compact trailer with rigid sides of about 18 inches in height, along with a rigid top. When it's time to set up camp, the top "pops up" from the bottom, and a set of canvas walls with mesh windows fold up and out to provide ample sleeping and living quarters. When set up, popups range in size from 15 to 23 feet in length. However, because they fold up small for towing, tent trailers are lightweight and can be pulled by almost any vehicle with a hitch, including some compact cars.

Tent trailers are surprisingly spacious and well-appointed inside. They sleep up to... Read more about Pop Ups »
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