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If you're ready to hit the road and see America, a Class A RV may be right for you. Equipped with all modern conveniences, these bus-sized motorhomes contain everything you need for daily living, from a stove to a shower. You can even buy new or used motorhomes with amenities ranging from whirlpool bathtubs to designer upholstery. Because of the wide range of upgrades available, the price of a Class A motorhome ranges from about $40,000 to $250,000.

Before you buy a new or used Type A RV, consider the type of power plant (or engine) you'll need. Motorhomes come equipped with one of two types of engines: diesel pusher or gasoline. A "diesel pusher" engine resides in the rear of the RV and powerfully pushes the motorhome down the road. Diesel pusher RVs are ideal for situations that require added power, such as towing a large boat or motoring through mountainous terrain. If you don't plan to do much towing and don't want the added expense of running a diesel pusher, then a gas-powered motorhome will serve your needs nicely. Test drive each type of RV to see which one suits you best.

After you decide on an engine, turn your attention toward the living areas of the motorhome. Most Class A RVs offer a standard layout, with the bedroom in the rear and the living room in the front. However, within this typical layout you have plenty of options for customization. Perhaps you'd like a second bathroom behind the bedroom. Or maybe you'd like your kitchen counters angled, which reduces the size of the walkway but provides more space for food preparation. Choose a custom color scheme so that your motorhome reflects your personality.

To increase your motorhome's living space, you can buy new or used RVs with "slides," or areas in which the floor and wall extend outward from the main compartment. Some Class A RVs offer as many as four slides, which can dramatically increase the size of your living room or bedroom. On the other hand, if you plan to use your motorhome mainly for vacations and not as a second home, you may find you don't need any slides at all.

If you want the convenience of taking your home with you on the road, a Class A RV is the type for you. You can buy new and used motorhomes by many manufacturers, including Fleetwood, Gulf Stream, Winnebago, Coachmen, Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Newmar, Tiffin and Georgie Boy. Use our handy search tool to find the RVs and motorhomes for sale from a variety of reputable dealers.
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Class A Showcase