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Anyone of a certain age can recall their first encounter with a Hi-Lo trailer. One glance out the car window at the funny, squashed-looking travel trailer was enough to evoke pointing and stares.

However, Jim Snyder was on to something when he invented the world's first "telescoping travel trailer" in 1957. Today, Hi-Lo travel trailers continue to combine the best of two worlds: the comfort of a full-sized RV along with the towability of a small travel trailer.

Hi-Lo travel trailers "collapse" for towing. That is, the top fits down over the bottom section. This low-profile travel trailer offers little wind resistance and abundant stability. At your destination, you simply press a button to raise the top to its full height. Presto! You have a full-sized RV.

The knock against Hi-Lo travel trailers used to be their weight. Any gas mileage advantage won through aerodynamics was lost again due to the heaviness of the trailer. However, Hi-Lo has addressed that problem by producing lightweight telescoping travel trailers for several years. For example, their Towlite 17C can be towed by an SUV.

A Hi-Lo travel trailer can satisfy both the entry-level RV enthusiast and the seasoned veteran who wants luxury. For example, the Classic 28C boasts a freestanding dining table, a walk-around queen sized bed and a living room slide for expanded floor space.

If fuel economy and towing safety concern you, perhaps you should consider an RV made by Hi-Lo. Their quality travel trailers that collapse for towing offer a sensible yet comfortable option for any RV enthusiast.