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If you like an RV that announces you've arrived, the flashy graphics of Four Winds International models will appeal to you. But, of course, no one buys a motorhome solely for the looks. Four Winds models incorporate floor plans designed to accommodate either the casual user or the person who resides in an RV full-time.

Four Winds International began manufacturing Class A motorhomes and Class C motor homes in 1990. The company's rapid success prompted its acquisition by Thor Industries in 1992. Since that time, Four Winds has continued to focus solely on motorhomes, though a Four Winds brand travel trailer is marketed by a sister company, Dutchmen Manufacturing.

Four Winds manufactures three basic models of Class A motor homes, three models of Class C motor homes and a recently introduced "Sport Recreation Vehicle" called the Fun Mover. This vehicle is basically a smaller Class C motorhome designed for family recreational use. All Four Winds motor homes are gasoline-powered, built on Ford chassis, using either the Triton or Vortec engine.

Quality materials are one of the hallmarks of Four Winds motorhomes. The company uses residential-grade carpet and vinyl flooring, as opposed to automotive-grade material. This attention to durability has made Four Winds a leader among those who use their motorhomes full-time, though you'll enjoy the company's variety of floor plans, including slide-outs, and design details even if you use your Four Winds RV only casually. New and used Four Winds motorhomes are widely available from RV dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.
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