What is the best type of RV for a family with kids

Published: Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Camping at exotic locales with your family members is one of the best ways of spending weekends and holidays. While sites just in the city outskirts are best for short weekend getaways, during long vacations, you can comfortably go for cross country vacations with your spouse and kids. Rest assured while a break from the mad rush of city life will soothe your senses, your kids will love the quality time you get to spend with them. While such a vacation based on air travel or public transport system might make you face tourist rush and hassles of crowds, owning a private recreational vehicle will enable you to avoid public hassles and exclusively enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Children play a central role in most families. To keep your kids in the best of physical, mental and emotional health, it is best to go for family outings from time to time. As in travel by family cars and other types of vehicles, traveling by private recreational vehicles also requires adopting numerous precautionary safety measures so that travel risks are minimized and safety of your family members and yourself maximized.

Recreational vehicles are today manufactured in a wide variety of structural designs and provided with diverse luxury facilities. However, you should make your selection depending on a number of factors like your budget, your and your family's specific personal requirements, the type of RV lifestyle you are looking for, the amount of living space you require and the type of RV holidays you are most likely to go for. Whereas, recreational vehicles like Class A Motorhomes and fifth wheels are some of the most expensive and luxurious RV models available in the modern market, recreational vehicles like fold down camping trailers, pop ups, Class C Motorhomes, Class B Motorhomes and pickup truck campers are some vehicles best suited for traveling with little children. Especially, if you are planning a RV trip for the first time with your spouse and little ones, it is often better to opt for a more equipped and less expensive model.

Popularly also known as tent trailers and pop ups, the folding camping trailer is one of the most spacious, easy to maneuver and suited to families with many children. Being lightweight units, folding campers can be conveniently towed by most family cars; so depending on your family size and budget, you can opt for differently sized units. Usually ranging in length from 15 to 23 feet, folding campers can comfortably provide sleeping space to up to 8 individuals. The affordable price of these recreational vehicles makes them a common favorite among young families just getting introduced to the world of RVing. Folding campers are provided with modern living, kitchen, dining and sleeping facilities. Like their more expensive RV counterparts, many folding campers are also provided with slide out facilities for increasing the internal space as per requirements. Refrigerators, stoves and private toilets are some additional facilities available in many folding campers. As folding campers are easy to set up and store when not in use, these can be taken to almost anywhere for camping trips and you can also store them in your garage without having to arrange for elaborate, expensive storage units. Today, there are a number of financial organizations willing to provide you financial assistance for purchasing folding campers with loans extending for up to 10 years.

Class B and Class C Motorhomes are also good options to choose for families with large number of children looking for comfortable RVs within a limited budget. For those opting for these motorized RVs, loans for up to 15 years are available. Although in comparison to Class A Motorhomes, interior available space of Class C and Class B Motorhomes is much lesser, as availability of sleeping space is much more, these RVs are more suitable for comfortably accommodating large families. Class C mini Motorhomes, characterized by their cab-over units, are usually 21 to 35 feet in length and can comfortably accommodate up to 6 individuals. Provided with adequate sleeping, dining and living space, Class C Motorhomes provide you all comforts of home at affordable prices. Complete with fully equipped bathrooms, entertainment units and ample storage space, Class C mini motorhomes are some of the best RVs you can select for luxurious yet economic family trips. You can use the cab-over sleeping bunk either as sleeping units or as additional storage space. No matter where you go for your RV trip, children love enjoying outdoor life to the fullest. Class C Motorhomes enables you to conveniently tow along boats, trailers, canoes or snowmobiles. Equipped with air conditioners and heating systems, you can rest assured, no matter what the season of your travel is, you will be enjoying with your family the most comfortable trips. Similarly, Class B Motorhomes also are compact units complete with self contained sleeping, living, cooking and dining units. Whereas, on one hand, once you reach your camping destination, you can easily raise the roof and drop down the floor for obtaining full standing room inside, on the other, when the vehicle is not in use, you can conveniently store it in your normal parking space.

For families already owning suitable towing vehicles like vans and pickups, purchasing folding campers, truck campers and lightweight trailers form affordable options. Providing you all comforts of home within your budget, these vehicles are just right for providing your kids familiarity of home surrounding even when miles away from home. As these RVs are al provided with fully equipped kitchens, you can easily cook for your family their favorite dishes without having to worry about finding the perfect restaurant suiting everyone's tastes. Moreover, traveling with kids means packing in a whole lot of clothes, toys and sports articles. For this reason, selecting a recreational vehicle with adequate storage space is a good decision for traveling with kids. However, no matter which type of recreational vehicle you opt for, in order to ensure safe travel and security of your family members and yourself, make sure to obtain suitable RV insurance coverage from the very time of your recreation vehicle purchase.

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